Our fees are structured to reflect the number and complexity of matters discussed during your consultation as well as the time you spend with the doctor.

We would like you to feel that you are well cared for and not being rushed, that the Doctors and staff are empathetic and that they explain things clearly. Rather than seeing an ever increasing number of patients per hour, we’ve chosen to prioritise providing our patients and community with unhurried, compassionate, innovative, personalised and quality-focused health care. It’s this choice that has earned us our reputation as a leading general practice and home to a fabulous team who genuinely love what they do.

By choosing Wangaratta Medical Centre as your medical home, you’ve told us that you see value in what we provide to you and your family as a general practice. We are committed to delivering on this value. With everything we do, we aim to reinforce to you why a healthy, continuous and long-term relationship with our practice is a wise investment for you and your family.

What Do Our Fees Cover?

At Wangaratta Medical Centre, our fees cover the cost of:

  • Highly skilled doctors and practice nurses who have spent many years learning how to take good care of you
  • Talented practice manager and receptionists who ensure our practice runs smoothly
  • Ongoing professional development and training
  • Accreditation so you can be confident that our practice meets high standards of safety and quality
  • Premises that are comfortable, accessible and practical
  • Contemporary medical & office equipment and most consumables
  • Insurance and utility bills
  • IT systems and equipment
  • Patient communication systems to remind you of appointments and make it easy for you to communicate with us
Why is there a Gap?

Unfortunately, your patient rebate from Medicare was frozen from 2012 until 2017 and the most recent increase (3%) was significantly below the consumer price index (7%). This widening gap is explained in the following link from the Australian Medical Association (click here).

This means that your patient Medicare rebate now represents less than half of the full cost of your GP care.

The Australian Medical Association suggests that you talk to your local Federal MP if you have concerns about the cost of your health care. You can do this by clicking here.

In order to NOT compromise our sustainability and quality of patient care, we have made the decision not to bulk bill.

Effective 15/1/2024 – Standard consultations:

Out of pocket costs (gap) for Private patients: $52.80

Out of pocket costs (gap) for Concession card holder patients: $42.80

Concession patients are those holding a heath care card, pensioner card or Commonwealth Seniors card.

Childhood, Catch Up, Pregnancy and other Government Funded Immunisations, Health Assessments, GP Management Plans and Healthy Heart Checks are Bulk-billed.

If you are receiving an extra service in the treatment room, there may be additional costs.

Please note that in general, for medical examinations such as insurance reports, travel advice, driving license and pre-employment medicals, a rebate cannot be claimed from Medicare.


WorkCover/TAC patients will be required to pay for ALL consultations at time of the appointment. WorkCover/TAC appointments do not attract a patient Medicare rebate but you will be issued with a receipt so that you can claim reimbursement from WorkcCover directly.

Cancellations Policy

If an appointment is cancelled or missed, there will be a cancellation fee charged of $30.00 for a standard appointment and $60.00 for a long appointment before a new appointment can be booked.

Please click here to view the full fees policy document.

Consult Full Charge Out of
Full Charge
Out of
Standard Consult
<20 mins
$94.20 $52.80 $84.20 $42.80 $41.40
Long Consult
>20 mins
$133.25 $53.15 $123.25 $43.15 $80.10